Welcome to the website of Philip Karlberg's landscape photography.

Usually, I am a still life photographer working in my studio in Stockholm or where ever my clients take me. In the studio everything is controlled, cappuccinos are served, music is playing, the devil is in the detail and nothing is left by chance. My work has taken me around the world and I have been fortunate to work with clients such as Vogue, Swarovski, Bang & Olufsen and Volvo to name a few. You can find my still life work here:


Besides my studio work I am also working on a few personal landscape projects. Over the years I have found that I appreciate the beauty of being out in the nature more and more. There is something special about being out on a mountain, shaped over millions of years, without the sight of modern civilisation. I enjoy being out there as much as I enjoy taking the pictures. I also find it to be a nice contrast to work outside the studio once in a while, in the hands of the elements, without a laptop, cappuccinos or busy clients who tell me what to do ; )  

I use both analog and digital cameras depending on the project. So far I have used a Chamonix 4x5" analog camera for black and white work, and a Hasselblad H4d 50 mp camera for color.


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